Home Comfort

Home Comfort

Matt's Electric, Heating and Air Conditioning has developed a total Home Comfort Program providing homeowners peace of mind about the consistent comfort of their home.

Matt's Electric, Heating and Air Conditioning will make a personal visit to your residence twice each year (spring and fall). We will make sure both your cooling and heating systems are functioning properly, which will in turn maximize your living comfort.

This yearly program is designed to achieve the most efficient performance from your home heating and cooling systems. It's part of our company's ongoing  commitment to each customer's satisfaction.

Call today to learn more and sign up for our total Home Comfort Program: 715-273-6153!

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Heating System Tune-Ups Include:

  • Furnace cabinet cleaning (inside and out)
  • Air filter replacement (if necessary)
  • Blower compartment cleaning
  • Blower housing/wheel inspection
  • Verification of blower motor amp draw
  • Inspection of blower capacitor
  • Inspection electrical connections
  • Inspection of electrical wiring
  • Verification of proper voltage to system
  • Removal and cleaning of burners if necessary
  • Cleaning of flame sensor
  • Inspection of heat exchanger
  • 1st and 2nd stage manifold pressure testing
  • Temperature rise verification
  • Venting inspection
  • Furnace drainage system inspection
  • Thermostat operation verification
  • Boiler piping leak inspection
  • Pressure relief valve operation verification
  • Boiler pressure verification
  • Zone valve inspection

Cooling System Tune-Ups Include:

  • Overall system appearance cleaning
  • Condensing unit coil inspection
  • Condenser coil cleaning
  • Condenser fan amp draw verification
  • Lineset connection inspection
  • Electrical wiring inspection
  • Electrical connection inspection
  • Compressor capacitor inspection
  • Condenser fan capacitor inspection
  • Thermostat operation verification
  • Compressor operation verification
  • Compressor amp draw verification
  • Suction pressure verification
  • Super-Heat verification
  • Liquid pressure verification
  • Sub-Cooling verification
  • Evaporator coil inspection
  • A/C drain line inspection
  • Blower compartment/wheel cleaning
  • Blower motor amp draw verification
  • Replace air filter (if necessary)
  • Temperature drop verification