Matt's Electric, Heating and Air Conditioning offers a wide variety of services for all of your electrical, heating, and air conditioning needs.

Whether you are building a new home requiring electrical wiring installation or updating the furnace and cooling systems in your current home, Matt's Electric, Heating and Air Conditioning has the experienced electricians and technicians with excellent customer service to serve your needs.


If you have any inquiries as to what we can offer or specifications about a job, please contact us today: 715. 273.6153 or 1-855-A1 HEATING

Our services include but are not limited to:

Electrical services

(Licensed in WI only)

  • New construction electrical installations
  • Remodel electrical installations
  • Electrical service
  • Electrical repair and design
  • Service upgrades and more
  • Underground wire locating and repair
  • Trenching for electrical and phone lines
  • Boom truck services
  • Lighting retrofits
  • Fixture replacements

Heating Services

  • Furnace repair service (all brands)
  • Boiler service replacement and installations
  • Heat pump service
  • Dual fuel systems
  • Heat pump installation and service
  • Underground gas installations
  • Replacement systems / retrofit
    ○ Forced air furnace replacement (product of choice: )
    ○ Boiler systems (products of choice: navien-logo
    and ibc_logo)
  • In floor heating
  • Whole home humidification (product of choice: )
  • Ventilation (product of choice: lifebreath-logo)
  • Duct cleaning

Central Air Conditioning Repair and Services

  • Central air conditioning and heat pump repairs and service (all brands)
  • New system installation (product of choice: )
  • Custom sheet metal-duct work installation
  • Replacement systems and more (product of choice: )
  • Heat pump installation (product of choice: )

Home Comfort Program

Home Comfort Program

Matt's Electric, Heating and Air Conditioning has developed a total Home Comfort Program providing homeowners peace of mind about the consistent comfort of their home.

Matt's Electric, Heating and Air Conditioning will make a personal visit to your residence twice each year (spring and fall). We will make sure both your cooling and heating systems are functioning properly, which will in turn maximize your living comfort.

This yearly program is designed to achieve the most efficient performance from your home heating and cooling systems. It's part of our company's ongoing  commitment to each customer's satisfaction.

Call today to learn more and sign up for our total Home Comfort Program: 715-273-6153!

Download our Home Comfort Program application